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    1. HPH Series CNC Turret Punch PressThe CNC system is German Siemens 802D which can finish different kinds of punching jobs, and the metal forming press has the function of automatic hydraulic pressure overload protection.
    1. HPI Series CNC Turret Punch PressCompared with HPH series, this CNC turret press has casters for its working table, and it also has 4-axis synchronized control function.
      The O type machine frame and thick turret with sleeve structure are adopted, and the stability and guiding property of this product is better than ordinary CNC punching machines.
    1. HPQ Series CNC Turret Punch PressThis CNC punching machine has advantages such as faster speed, higher efficiency and lower noise, and it has advanced thick turret structure, so the guiding performance is better, precision is higher and the service life of die is longer.
  • Hydraulic Ironworker This range of hydraulic ironworker adopts the stepping motor or AC servo motor with encoder, which ensures high positioning accuracy, fast response as well as convenient maintenance.
    1. HLW11NC Series Marine Plate Bending RollA rigid beam is set at the top of upper roller, and several supporting rollers are set between upper roller and the beam. Also there are supporting rollers at the bottom of lower roller. Thus, the rigidity of upper and lower rollers is enhanced. In addition, the three rollers are all driving rollers.
    1. W11SNC Series Universal 3 Roller Plate Bending MachineThe upper roller is able to move either vertically or horizontally, and it provides the roll bending machine with both pre-bending and roll forming functions.
    1. W11 Series Three Roller Plate Bending MachineThis range of plate rolling machine supports pre-bending and roll forming of sheet metals with maximum thickness between 6 and 60mm, and maximum width between 1500 and 3000mm. For more details, please refer to the following table.
    1. W12NC Series 4 Roller Plate Bending MachineThe W12NC series 4 roller plate bending machine is able to finish the pre-bending and rolling just with one time sheet metal feeding, and there is no need to turn the plate around. As compared with other types of roll benders, this one has the shortest straight section remained at the ends of feeding material.
    1. Punch Press ToolingThe tooling system for punch presses is made of die steel, and it has excellent surface smoothness and precision. Also, it has long service life, and won’t change its shape easily. Our punch press tooling is very meaningful for improving production efficiency and reducing production cost.
    1. Press Brake ToolingMade of T8 steel, T10 steel or specialized die steel, our press brake tooling features high strength, high tenacity as well as good abrasion resisting property.
    1. Other Press ToolingIn addition to tooling systems for punch presses and press brakes, we at Lejia can also design and manufacture other types of press tooling to satisfy different metal fabrication demands.
    1. Light Pole Production LineComposed of a complete range of processing equipment, our range of steel pole production line can also be used to produce similar products such as the flagpole, utility pole, communication tower, and the wind turbine mast.
    1. Gas Cylinder Production LineWe can design and manufacture customized gas cylinder production lines according to the requirements of manufacturers for air compressors, automobile cylinders, LPG cylinders, small and medium sized cylinder vessels, as well as other non-standard gas cylinders.

We can supply many kinds of sheet metal machinery, such as hydraulic press brake, CNC shearing machine, CNC turret punch press, hydraulic stamping press, plate bending roll, hydraulic ironworker, and more.

Our range of metalworking machinery is widely accepted by different industries including boiler, ship, container, elevator, military project, household appliance, engineering machinery, etc. Our technology keeps pace with Europe, but the price is just a small proportion of the European product. In addition, we have gained the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system, and our metal forming and metal fabrication equipment is CE certified.