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JX21 Press for Rubber Bottle Stopper Brim Cutting

This range of rubber bottle stopper brim cutting press is a kind of high performance machine press with fixed working table, and is our achievement based on Italian technologies. It is necessary during the production rubber stoppers for medical use, and functions to separate the stoppers into independent ones after vulcanization.

1. The eight-surface guide system ensures high accuracy of slide movement, and also extends the service life of press dies.
2. Fixed with brand clutch and cam controller imported from Taiwan, the rubber stopper brim cutting machine features high reliability and easy operation.
3. The rubber bottle stopper brim cutting press has an imported electromagnetic valve with testing function, and an imported PLC double-loop control system.
4. A photoelectric protection system imported from South Korea is available to guarantee the safety of operators and the cutting press as well.
5. The rubber stopper manufacturing equipment has an automatic oil lubricating system which offers alarming function to protect against oil shortage.

Technical Parameters
Model JX21-45
Nominal Pressing Force kN 450
Nominal Pressure Stroke mm 4
Stroke of Slide mm 110
Number of Strokes SPM 70-110
Max. Die Set Height mm 285
Die Height Regulating Variable mm 50
Throat Depth mm 220
Distance between Uprights mm 510
Bottom Size of Slide (Length × Width) mm 500×300
Hole for Punch Shank (Diameter x Depth) mm φ50×60
Size of Working Table (Length × Width) mm 800×420
Thickness of Working Table mm 80
Size of Opening in Working Table (Length × Width) mm 300×260
Main Motor Power KW YCT200-4A/5.5
Air Supply Pressure MPa 0.5
Overall Dimensions (Length × Width × Height) mm 1080×1385×2665
Total Weight kg 4100

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