Hydraulic Press

    1. YQ32 Series Four Column Hydraulic PressThis machine tool or metalworking tool is able to carry out two kinds of metal forming process which are fixed stroke and fixed pressure, and it also has pressure holding, time delaying and other functions.
    1. YQK27 Series Frame-type Single Action Hydraulic Stamping PressThe hydraulic control system uses cartridge inserted valve integrated system which features large flow, low internal leakage, long service life as well as reliable performance, and this highly integrated system cuts down the leaking point and requirement of connecting line.
    1. YQ28 Series Double Action Hydraulic Drawing PressIn the vessel industry, it can produce pressure vessel, stainless steel catharsis chamfer, and bath slot made of stainless steel, aluminum or enamel. Also, this hydraulic press is able to produce large automobile cover parts and drawing products of tractor, motorcycle and aerospace industries, and it is also suitable for different molding commissioning.
    1. YQ79 Series Automatic Powder Compacting PressSince the introduction of our first automatic powder compacting press, our hydraulic powder press machine has been widely utilized in powder metallurgy industry to produce mechanical components. Also, it is widely used to press and form fine ceramics, electronic ceramics and hard alloy products.
    1. YQ30 Series C-Frame Hydraulic PressThe YQ series C-frame hydraulic press has a well designed, optimized structure due to adoption of computer design technologies. The C-type single arm frame features good rigidity, simple structure and convenient operation.
    1. YQ12/13 Series Hydraulic Forging PressIt uses upper anvil, lower anvil as well as some simple universal tools for different operations including stretching, upsetting, finishing, punching, cutting, etc. It is also suitable for swage forging.
    1. YQ46 Series Hydraulic Press for Ship PlateThe YQ46 series hydraulic press is a specialized metal forming press for cold and hot molding processes including bending, edge curving, beading, crimping, flattening, etc. It is often found in ship plate processing field.
    1. YQ087 Series Hydraulic Press for Automobile Girder FormingThe machine body adopts multi-column structure, and the surface of column is processed with middle frequency quenching treatment, so, high strength, good hardness, good tensile strength and excellent resistance to abrasion are ensured.