1. JH21 Series C-Frame Fixed Table PressControlled by PLC electric central system, our blanking press can accomplish the emergency stop, inching movement, single and continuous operation. Based on its high reliability and high adaptability, it is capable of meeting different requirements.
    1. JL21 Series C-Frame Fixed Table Press Our JL21 series C-frame fixed table press is able to bear heavy load for its fully steel welded frame features high rigidity and little deformation.
      As the slide stroke can be adjusted at 8 shifts, this machine is compatible with various dies at different setting height except 25T.
    1. J24 Series C-Frame Link Drive PressThe link drive mechanism provides the C-frame press' slide with characteristics such as fast return stroke and slow processing speed. This machine is a great choice if you are looking for drawing presses, punch press and forming press.
    1. J25 Series C-Frame Double Crank PressThis C-frame double crank press is applicable for stamping and shallow drawing of large sized sheet metals. It is outfitted with progressive dies or other types of multi-station stamping dies for processing parts and components of complex structures.
    1. JY21 Series D-frame Single Crank Press with Fixed TableWith alarming function, the automatic thin-film lubrication system allows the metal forming machine to work smoothly all the time.
      The D-frame press supports electrical adjustment and digital display of die set height, which ensures great convenience in die set adjustment.
    1. YS1 Series H-Frame PressThis series of metal forming equipment has automatic die set height adjustment function, and also supports digital display of the height, which makes die set height adjustment simple and easy.
    1. JB36 Series Straight Side Double-Crank PressJB36-110 to JB36-160 models of straight side presses have six-surface slide guides, and other models come with eight-surface ones.
      The number of strokes is infinitely adjustable. This makes this machine toolapplicable for processing of different types of workpiece.
    1. JH31 Series Single Point Straight Side PressThis single point straight side press is a kind of H-frame press drive by double-loop PLC control system. This heavy duty single crank press is tested for quality and performance, and can be found in a wide range of applications.
    1. YS2 Series Straight Side Double Crank PressThis range of mechanical press is typically utilized in automobile components and white goods industries for sheet metal processing. It is competent in purposes such as blanking, punching, bending forming, and more.
    1. YPM Series Two Point Straight Side PressDue to the two crank shafts with horizontal directional layout, this mechanical press features large center distance between two connecting rods, and has strong resistance to eccentric loads. This makes it ideal for progressive die processing.
    1. YPMA Series Two Point Straight Side PressThe two-point press with H-type frame is mainly composed of the beam, uprights, and the base. It has exceptional structural stability and minimized chance for deformation, due to the adoption of four threaded rods for tensioning.
    1. JL21G Series High Speed C-Frame PressDue to proven quality, great durability, and superior corrosion resistance, this single crank press is widely used for punching, blanking, bending, forming, and more related purposes.
    1. YS4 Series Four Point Straight Side PressDue to the employment of eccentric gear structure, the four point press offers large slide stroke, and large center distance between two connecting rods. It has strong resistance to eccentric loads.
    1. JB21 JB21S Series C-Frame PressFor the purpose of minimized noise and enhanced safety, this mechanical press adopts dry type pneumatic friction clutch. The safety of the machine and press tooling is further guaranteed by a specialized protection unit.
    1. MP Series Hot Forging PressThe flywheel has big inertia, and the output energy is high, so this range of mechanical press is especially suitable for stamp forging and extrusion forming of components.
    1. YHA Series C-Frame High-Speed Precision PressAdopting one center support and double guiding rod structure, the high precision C-frame press ensures precision movement of the slide.
      The eccentric shaft design provides the crankshaft with higher strength than common types ones.
    1. J31K Series Straight Side High-Speed PressThe J31K series straight side high speed press refers to steel punching machines which are often used in metal forming process to force a tool through a workpiece to create holes by shearing. It is often utilized for fabrication of steel chain plates in chain manufacturing industry.

Mechanical Press

Our range of mechanical press can be applied in a wide range of industries to fulfill stamping, punching, blanking, bending, riveting, and forming purposes. This specific type of machine tool employs intense pressure to cut or deform work pieces.

To suit clients' varied demands, we can supply different styles of mechanical presses, including C-frame press, H-frame press, straight side press, and more. If you are looking for mechanical press brake, blanking press, punching press, etc., please feel free to contact us. We are confident we can satisfy your demands.