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J24 Series C-Frame Link Drive Press

Product Features
1. With welded structure made from superior quality stainless steel, the C-frame link drive press offers high structural stability and rigidity, thus avoiding structural deformation after long term use.
2. The link drive mechanism provides the C-frame press' slide with characteristics such as fast return stroke and slow processing speed. This machine is a great choice if you are looking for drawing presses, punch press and forming press. Additionally, the mechanism enables the press dies to contact with each other flexibly, thus greatly reducing vibration and noise. Also, the lifespan of dies is extended, and the working environment is improved. The production efficiency of the C-frame link drive press is 30% higher than common mechanical presses.
3. The dry type pneumatic friction clutch features low noise and convenient maintenance.
4. This metal forming equipment is available with hydraulic overload protection function and over pressure emergency stop function to protect the machine and dies.
5. The thick-film lubrication system for the C-frame link drive press has alarming function, enabling the machine tool to work smoothly all the time.
6. The PLC electrical control system offers emergency stop, inching, single-cycle, and continuous operation modes.
7. The link drive press has optional devices such as the photoelectric protector, automatic feeder, air cushion, and transmission output shaft.

Technical Parameters
Model J24-110 J24-160 J24-200 J24-250
Nominal Force kN 1100 1600 2000 2500
Nominal Pressure Stroke mm 5 6 6 7
Stroke of Slide mm 160 180 200 220
Stroke SPM 35~70 30~55 25~50 25~45
Max. Die Set Height mm 350 400 450 500
Die Height Regulating Variable mm 90 100 110 110
Throat Depth mm 350 390 430 450
Distance between Uprights mm 680 800 900 950
Bottom Size of Slide Length mm 620 700 880 930
Width mm 520 580 650 700
Hole for Punch Shank Diameter mm φ70 φ70 φ70 φ70
Depth mm 80 100 100 100
Size of Table Length mm 1100 1260 1400 1590
Width mm 680 760 840 880
Main Motor Power kW 11 15 22 30
Overall Dimensions Width mm 1419 1515 1630 1750
Length mm 2200 2355 2690 2830
Height mm 3190 3250 3810 3930
Total Weight kg 11500 14800 21500 25500

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