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YHA Series C-Frame High-Speed Precision Press

Product Features
1. The YHA series C-frame high speed precision press adopts high strength cast iron for structure design, which ensures high rigidity and less chance for deformation.
2. Adopting one center support and double guiding rod structure, the high precision C-frame press ensures precision movement of the slide.
3. The eccentric shaft design provides the crankshaft with higher strength than common types ones.
4. This high speed mechanical press employs imported roller bearing for enhanced reliability and improved accuracy.
5. The die set height adjustment unit for the high precision press is available with hydraulic locking device, which ensures accurate bottom dead center.
6. A spring balance device is provided to balance the weight between the slide and the upper die, which allows the metal forming press to operate smoothly. The smooth operation is further guaranteed by the automatic circulating oil lubrication system with failure alarming function.
7. For convenient operation and reliable performance, the high speed precision press is equipped with an automatic control system based on PLC and rotary encoder.

Technical Parameters
Model YHA-25 YHA-40 YHA-60
Nominal Force kN 250 400 600
Nominal Pressure Stroke mm 1 1 1
Stroke of Slide mm 30 30 30
Number of Strokes SPM 200-800 200-600 200-600
Max. Die Set Height mm 210 230 305
Die Height Regulating Variable mm 30 30 30
Bottom Size of Slide Length mm 300 420 540
Width mm 210 320 340
Size of Working Table Length mm 600 720 900
Width mm 300 420 470
Opening Size of Working Table Length mm 400 400 560
Width mm 100 100 100
Main Motor Power kW 4 5.5 7.5
Total Weight kg 2800 4200 8000

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