1. HPQ Series CNC Turret Punch PressThis CNC punching machine has advantages such as faster speed, higher efficiency and lower noise, and it has advanced thick turret structure, so the guiding performance is better, precision is higher and the service life of die is longer.
    1. HPH Series CNC Turret Punch PressThe CNC system is German Siemens 802D which can finish different kinds of punching jobs, and the metal forming press has the function of automatic hydraulic pressure overload protection.
    1. HPI Series CNC Turret Punch PressCompared with HPH series, this CNC turret press has casters for its working table, and it also has 4-axis synchronized control function.
      The O type machine frame and thick turret with sleeve structure are adopted, and the stability and guiding property of this product is better than ordinary CNC punching machines.

CNC Turret Punch

Our range of CNC turret punch press is a kind of machine tool that features high standard configuration, including the Siemens CNC system, as well as hydraulic system and hydraulic punching head acquired from Germany, and more. Following are detailed introductions to the key components of this type of metal forming press.

CNC System

The CNC turret punch press is designed with world class CNC system and servo unit acquired from German Siemens. This ensures precision control and stable operation. The CNC punching machine can be optionally equipped with Japanese FANUC CNC control system as well.

Main configuration and function
1. Display: 10.4", true color, multi languages
2. CPU basic frequency: 233MHz / 400MHz
3. Operating System: Linux / Windows
4. Communication interface: RS232, 100M Ethernet, USB port, CF card slot
5. RAM: 1G / 40G
6. Good expandability
7. Flexible application, good compatibility

Hydraulic Punching Head

The H+L hydraulic punching head for the turret punch press is originally manufactured in Germany. 1. The stroke is adjusted by the CNC system, and the pressure is constant during the entire process. Oil pressure overload protection function is available as well. These provide the punching head with stable performance and enhanced reliability. Additionally, the operation noise is extremely low. 2. The punching head has a portable structure (36/40/38 stations), and is compatible with multi-rings turret. This makes the metalworking tool flexible in processing as well.

Hydraulic System

The CNC turret punch press is fixed with the H+L hydraulic system from Germany. The hydraulic system is available with an oil cooling unit, and features low energy consumption and compact structure.

Monitoring Device for Deformed Workpiece

Severe workpiece deformation may cause collision with the turret. To avoid this, our CNC turret press is outfitted with monitor switches at both sides of the punching unit, which protects both the workpiece and the turret.

Turret Driver

The turret driver has a compact structure and high driving precision. It allows reliable and stable performance.

Turret and Rotary Dies

The turret and rotary dies for the CNC punch press are supplied by Nisshinbo.
1. The thick turret offers better guiding performance and higher precision.
2. The constant mesh style rotary die assembly offers higher precision and efficiency. It is driven by worm and worm wheel. As the worm gear is soaked in the oil, the wear is less, the service life is longer, and maintenance is not required.

Rapid Loading and Unloading of Lower Die

The loading and unloading of lower die are very fast, accurate and stable.

Material Feeding Mechanism and Clamping Fixture

1. The CNC turret punch press employs the precision ground ball screw with large lead and the linear guide with four guiding slots. This delivers high positioning precision, faster movement speed, and lower noise.
2. For stable and reliable workpiece clamping, the CNC punching machine is designed with the pneumatic floating clamps which come with high flexibility and high strength. Additionally, it has an clamp-loosening alarming function to improve working safety.

Standard Worktable with Brush and Steel Balls

The working table for the CNC turret punch press adopts high density soft brush to offer stable material feeding while ensuring low noise and preventing scratching to sheet metal surface. Also, it adopts a small amount of steel balls to extend the service life.
Optionally, the turret press can be equipped with steel ball style working table which is great for steel plates with thickness exceeding 3.5mm.

Clamping Fixture Protection Unit

The turret punch press comes with overall protection against damages to the clamping fixture caused by collision or punching, even when there is manual operation mistakes or failure of the limit switch protection system.

Hardened Die Bush

The die bush features high hardness as well as good abrasion resistance, and it allows for convenient replacement .


The punch dies for the turret press have high surface hardness and excellent abrasion resistance. They can finish different kinds of processing procedures, such as punching, over turning, edge knurling, etc.

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