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HPQ Series CNC Turret Punch Press

Product Features
1. The HPQ series CNC turret punch press uses German Siemens 802D CNC system to realize the high precision control, and it allows for easy operation as well as convenient use.
2. This CNC punching machine has advantages such as faster speed, higher efficiency and lower noise, and it has advanced thick turret structure, so the guiding performance is better, precision is higher and the service life of die is longer.
3. The rotary die adopts patented technology of Nisshinbo, and fast loading and unloading of lower die are achieved.
4. Our CNC turret punch press also has 4-axis synchronized control function, and its working table is designed with casters.
5. Automatic movement function of the clamp is available, so the labor intensity is effectively reduced.
6. This CNC turret press adopts German H+L high speed hydraulic punching head and hydraulic system, and the maximum punching frequency with no load can be 1750 times/min. Thus, efficient working is realized.

Main Components
The CNC turret punch press is equipped with key components from Nisshinbo, including the turret assembly, rotary dies assembly, and the gearbox.

  • Turret & rotary die assemblies from Nisshinbo
  • Turret driver
  • Hydraulic system (Germany H+L)
  • Hydraulic punching head (Germany H+L)
  • Siemens 802D CNC system
  • Clamp
Technical Parameters
No. Name Unit HPQ-3044 HPQ-3047 HPQ-3048 HPQ-3057 HPQ-3058
1 Nominal Force kN 300 300 300 300 300
2 Max. Sheet Metal Dimension
(including one time repositioning)
mm 1250×2500 1250×4000 1250×5000 1500×4000 1500×5000
3 Max. Thickness Carbon Steel Sheet (mm) 6.35
Stainless Steel Sheet (mm) 4
4 Max. Punching Diameter mm Φ88.9
5 Station Number 40
6 Punching Accuracy mm ±0.1
7 Punching Times Per Minute times/min 1750
8 Max. Punching Frequency
(1mm step 6mm punching stroke)
times/min 690
9 Max. Punching Frequency
(25.4mm step 6mmpunching stroke)
times/min 330
10 Max. Sheet Feeding Speed m/min 102
11 Turret Rotation Speed rpm 30
12 CNC Controlled Axes 5 (X, Y, Z, T, C)
13 Total Power KW 21 23 24 23 24
14 Air Pressure Mpa 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
15 Overall Dimension L mm 5800 5800 5800 5800 5800
W mm 2300 4000 5000 4000 5000
H mm 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
16 Weight kg 14500 15500 16500 18500 19500

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