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GSM Series CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

Product Features
1. The high performance CNC hydraulic guillotine shear is designed with a welded steel structure, which delivers exceptional structural strength and rigidity.

2. The plate shearer is fitted with Swiss CYBELEC 61G/CybTouch CNC control system which is exclusive for plate shearing machines. The CNC system serves to control all the important parameters, including the back gauge system, shearing angle, blade clearance, shearing stroke, etc.

  • CNC control system

3. To ensure accurate shearing, the CNC hydraulic guillotine shear adopts performance servo motor for back gauge driving, as well as precision ball screw and linear guide for movement control.

  • High-performance servo motor from Panasonic
  • High quality ball screw and linear guide

4. For guaranteed safety, this hydraulic guillotine shear is outfitted with protective guards. Also it has front support arms as a standard configuration.

  • Front support arms
  • Standard protective guard

5. In addition to above features, our sheet metal cutting machine also has following configurations as a standard.
(1) A set of shearing blade

  • (2) Clamping Cylinder
  • (3) Pneumatic back support arms
  • (4) Magnetic exchange valve from USA First/ Beijing Huade
  • (5) Travel Switch from German SCHMERSAL

  • (6) Proximity Switch from German SICK
  • (7) Two-layer seals for Main Cylinders, Acquired from European and American Suppliers
Reliable Hydraulic System
1. High performance hydraulic valves are adopted to control the upper and lower movement of cutter.
2. The foot pedal switch with emergency button allows users to operate the sheet metal machinery directly and conveniently. This ensures safety especially under emergency conditions.
3. Key electrical elements from Schneider deliver high safety standard.
4. The hydraulic guillotine shear employs the tandem cylinder structure so as to facilitate accurate adjustment of shearing angle.
5. The shearing machine is designed with an air-break switch to prevent motor overload or short circuit.

CNC controlled back gauge system
1. The CNC controlled back gauge system adopts high performance AC servo motor, ball screw and linear guide to ensure accuracy.
2. The system comes with automatic retracting function, and supports manual, automatic, and semi-automatic operations.
3. The maximum distance of back gauge is 1,000mm, and the positioning speed of the system is not more than 150mm/s.

CYBELEC 61G CNC Control System Functions

1. Our hydraulic guillotine shear is equipped with CYBELEC 61G CNC control system. Integrating the SIC and SMD technologies, the controller offers high reliability.
2. Due to graphical design based on product shapes, the system is easy for operation.
3. The CNC system supports One Key Reset function.
4. High efficient one page programming
5. Use-friendly Easy-cut mode allows this sheet metal fabrication equipment to operate automatically by simply inputting the backguage position parameters.
6. While offering inching function, this CNC shearing machine control system also supports automatic operation for only one production cycle, and automatic operation for all production cycles.
7. Based on static RAM technology, the guillotine shear CNC control system offers data memory function to avoid data loss after power interruption.

The control system is applicable for both swing beam shears and hydraulic guillotine shears.

Automatic Computation Function
1. According to input parameters such as the plate thickness, plate width, etc., the control system is capable of automatically computing and adjusting the shearing angle, blade clearance, blade stroke, etc.
2. The system supports automatic back gauge retreat, either in forward or backward direction.

Main Performances
1. The CNC guillotine shear control system is accompanied with a high quality and large keyboard with waterproof function.
2. It is equipped with a 5.5" LCD screen with high contrast ratio.
3. It supports absolute and increment programming.
4. It supports Metric/Inch conversion, which makes usage more convenient.
5. This control system for sheet metal fabrication equipment supports 880 program lines and 36 program steps. Each step can be repeated for 99 times.
6. The same program can be utilized for workpieces with varied thickness and length.
7. The CNC system provides the hydraulic guillotine shear with high operation efficiency, as it allows for accomplishing shearing at one stroke.
8. It supports P+ program interlinking and stage skipping, which optimizes shearing route.

PC Software
The CNC hydraulic guillotine shear is available with the CYBACK software which allows for storage of system parameters, tooling specifications and other data in PC.

Technical Parameters
Machine Model Max.
Number of
Back Gauge
Shearing Angle
Working Table
Main Power
Oil Capacity
Overall Dimensions (mm) Weight
Length Width Height
GSM-6*3050 6 3050 3130 18 1000 0.5-1.5 800 11 260 3670 1780 1870 7000
GSM-6*4050 6 4050 4150 14 1000 0.5-1.5 800 11 260 4690 1800 1970 11000
GSM-8*3050 8 3050 3150 17 1000 0.5-2.0 800 15 380 3690 1780 1870 9000
GSM-8*4050 8 4050 4170 13 1000 0.5-2.0 800 15 380 4710 1800 2000 12000
GSM-10*3050 10 3050 3170 15 1000 0.5-2.5 800 18.5 420 3740 2100 2040 11000
GSM-10*4050 10 4050 4190 11 1000 0.5-2.5 800 18.5 420 4760 2200 2150 14000

Lejia is dedicated to design and manufacture different models of CNC hydraulic guillotine shears. In addition to plate shearers, we can also supply other types of sheet metal fabrication equipment, including press brake, CNC turret punch press, hydraulic press, plate bending roll, among others. We welcome you to contact us directly for more details about our metalworking machinery.

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