1. Punch Press ToolingThe tooling system for punch presses is made of die steel, and it has excellent surface smoothness and precision. Also, it has long service life, and won’t change its shape easily. Our punch press tooling is very meaningful for improving production efficiency and reducing production cost.
    1. Press Brake ToolingMade of T8 steel, T10 steel or specialized die steel, our press brake tooling features high strength, high tenacity as well as good abrasion resisting property.
    1. Other Press ToolingIn addition to tooling systems for punch presses and press brakes, we at Lejia can also design and manufacture other types of press tooling to satisfy different metal fabrication demands.


While offering complete sets of machine presses, we can also manufacture and supply different types of tooling system for punch presses, press brakes, etc. Our range of punch press tooling and press brake tooling are made of quality materials to ensure high strength, thus minimizing the chance for deformation.

Our focus is on first class bending tools and punching tools. We welcome you to choose our range of press tools to satisfy your varied bending and punching demands.