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If you're looking to buy performance metalworking machinery, then you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of sheet metal fabrication tools to meet your metal plate bending, cutting, punching, stamping, blanking, and rolling demands. Our range of sheet metal machinery is often seen in boiler, automobile, shipbuilding, and building material industries.

Based on experience gathered over 30 years, Lejia has developed an enviable reputation for supplying high speed, high precision machines for sheet metal forming and fabrication. Our metal working machine tools include the CNC press brake, shearing machine, mechanical press, hydraulic press, CNC turret punch press and so on.

We know that quality and efficiency are paramount to our customers, so we always carry a comprehensive stock of sheet metal processing equipment to fill your needs fast. We at Leijia pride ourselves on offering you an quality products at affordable prices. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more dependable manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication equipment in China. >> More

    1. PSH-SP Series CNC Synchro Hydraulic Press BrakeThe hydraulic bending brake adopts an electro-hydraulic servo system for hydraulic cylinder control, and an advanced linear encoder to back feed the position signal of the ram. This forms a closed-loop control system, thus delivering higher bending precision.
    1. QC12K Series Hydraulic Swing Beam ShearThis series hydraulic swing beam shear is equipped with Swiss Cybelec 61G/CybTouch CNC system which is specially designed for plate shears. This control system can automatically control the cutting times, cutting strokes, as well as forward and backward movements of back gauge.
    1. CNC Turret PunchOur range of CNC turret punch press is a kind of machine tool that features high standard configuration, including the Siemens CNC system, as well as hydraulic system and hydraulic punching head acquired from Germany, and more.
    1. JB36 Series Straight Side Double-Crank PressJB36-110 to JB36-160 models of straight side presses have six-surface slide guides, and other models come with eight-surface ones.
      The number of strokes is infinitely adjustable. This makes this machine toolapplicable for processing of different types of workpiece.
    1. JH21 Series C-Frame Fixed Table Press
    2. JH21 Series C-Frame Fixed Table PressControlled by PLC electric central system, our blanking press can accomplish the emergency stop, inching movement, single and continuous operation. Based on its high reliability and high adaptability, it is capable of meeting different requirements.
    1. JL21 Series C-Frame Fixed Table Press
    2. JL21 Series C-Frame Fixed Table Press Our JL21 series C-frame fixed table press is able to bear heavy load for its fully steel welded frame features high rigidity and little deformation.
      As the slide stroke can be adjusted at 8 shifts, this machine is compatible with various dies at different setting height except 25T.
    1. YS1 Series H-Frame Press
    2. YS1 Series H-Frame PressThis series of metal forming equipment has automatic die set height adjustment function, and also supports digital display of the height, which makes die set height adjustment simple and easy.
    1. YS2 Series Straight Side Double Crank Press
    2. YS2 Series Straight Side Double Crank PressThis range of mechanical press is typically utilized in automobile components and white goods industries for sheet metal processing. It is competent in purposes such as blanking, punching, bending forming, and more.

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